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Our company, Huanghua pengfa chemical factory, was established in 1998, in order to meet the requirements of the market’s development. Then in early 2013, we successfully restructured and renamed it Huanghua pengfa chemical Co., LTD.
Our company owns 30 millions fixed assets, covers an area of about 12000 square meters. The products cover the north, northwest, northeast, and most parts of northern China. Our rate has a significant lead in the market share, won the trust and praise from customers. In 2006 our production technology was upgraded, introducing of the world's most advanced methyl formate production technology, significantly enhance the quality and capacity of products, being awarded with the designation of "Shou contract re credit" enterprise and many other honors. Ever since its founding, our company has maintained a record of zero accident and zero pollution for more than 20 years, winning a high evaluation in the industry. 
In 2013, the company restructured for limited company, and at the same time established an international marketing department, vigorously supporting the export business. After over two years of development, the international marketing department has matured, welcoming(hosting) both domestic and foreign customers to the factory, and negotiate business.
Pengfa Chemical company produces Formic Acid with the most advanced Methyl Formate technology. Methyl Formate is produced from Methanol and carbon monoxide in the presence of the catalyst Sodium methoxide.
Under a certain temperature and pressure, Methyl Formate is hydrolyzed to Formic Acid. Low purity Formic Acid solution should be concentrated to higher ones to meet different requirements of customers.
Most of Acetic acid is formed by methyl carbonylation synthesis. In this reaction, methanol and carbon monoxide react to produce acetic acid, as in the equation below:
This process is iodomethane as an intermediate, three steps to complete and requires more metal catalyst component (the second step): 
(1)CH₃OH + HI →CH₃I + H₂
(2)CH₃I + CO →CH₃COI 
Methanol and carbon monoxide react to produce high efficient, good quality , and non pollutant acetic acid.
Production Equipment
We have our patent technology and equipment, that is 
This advantage is low cost--less pollutant--energy conservation---cyclic utilization
Inspection Equipment
Under the new situation, in order to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets, especially the development of export business, our company has invested a lot of manpower, material resources for establishing the standardized laboratory.
At first material goes into factory examination, produce medium control and product factory the examination report, in order to supply high quality products, we also  establish comprehensive records, unify lot no., keep the sample of shipment, to make sure the products got qualified.
If the quality gets any problem for customers, we can find the root of the problem, then confirm and get a solution to the customer who’s having trouble. 
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