Why Us
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Enterprise advantage: 
We are a factory, established in 1998, having many years of experience, guarantee the best quality and competitive price. We export ourselves, eliminating the intermediate links. Formic acid and acetic acid produced by Pengfa Chemical have been approved by UKAS ISO9001: 2008 quality management system, also have a relevant certificate of SGS and REACH
Technological advantages: 
1. Formic Acid by the most advanced Methyl Formate technology.
Methanol carbonyl synthesis (also known as methyl formate method)
Methanol and carbon monoxide react in the presence of the catalyst Sodium methoxide, to form a methyl formate. Methyl formate is then hydrolyzed to form formic acid and methanol.
2. Acetic acid by Methanol carbonyl method.
In this reaction, Methanol and carbon monoxide react to produce acetic acid.
Production advantages: 
1.Most advanced methyl formate synthesis and methanol carbonyl process. 
2.Standardized laboratory, professional qualified laboratory personnel, zero accident record keeping.
Cost advantage: 
Located in Bohai gulf, a advantageous area, 40 kilometers away from Huanghua port which is a new Eurasian Continental Bridge and 100 km away from Tianjin port.
Convenient transportation route to the east is Bohai sea, to the north is Beijing and Tianjin, to the south is Shandong province, and four high-speeds, five railway lines and two national highways across China. It is a huge advantage.
Environment & Energy
In the long term, only by achieving the economic success and the harmonious development of social and environmental responsibility, we can achieve the value of growth. The efficient production technology of the Pengfa Chemical can help to improve the efficiency of resource utilization and reduce the emission, and protect the environment.
Environmental factors play an important role in the development process of new product: Quality products to obtain customers’ recognition, must have a good environment compatibility. So we will develop innovative technology for the economic benefits which is closely connected to environmental protection. Rich professional knowledge means that we will be a reliable partner to promote environmental friendly technology in the emerging market.
Chemical processes always produce a number of by-products, it’s not easy to reduce or recycle these by-products. Therefore, at the beginning of the planning stage of the production plant, we have tried to avoid producing or maximizing the vice product. We try our best to improve our and customers’ current production process.
During the development process, Pengfa chemical always assume social responsibility for energy, water, environment and other attached great importance to the use and protection, and continues to invest. We look forward to more partners to choose us!


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