Acetic Acid
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Acetic acid is one of the important organic acids, mainly used for synthesis of acetic acid ethylene, cellulose acetate, acetic anhydride, acetate, metal acetate and halogenated acetic acid.
Acetic acid also an important raw material for the synthesis of pharmaceuticals, dyes, pesticides and other organic chemicals. 
In addition, in pharmaceutical manufacturing, cellulose acetate, fabric printing and dyeing, rubber industry and other aspects also have a wide range of uses.
1.Water treatment:
Waste water treatment means protecting the environment against pollution. It is an international trend.
Waste water treatment means
During winter, the concrete easily hardens due to low temperature. Acetic acid can be applied to avoid hardening.

3.Textile dyeing:
1.Most customer use acetic acid for fabrics dyeing to regulate the PH.
2.Wax printing, wax printing on pure cotton fabric is popular in Africa.
3.Glacial acetic acid is widely used in printing and dyeing industry, and it is one of the most widely used organic acids. Usually used as azoic dyes show color liquid alkali resistant agent, disperse dyes on polyester dyeing auxiliaries, weak acid dyes dyeing mulberry silk, neutral dyes dyeing vinylon help dye, direct dye fixing agent and copper sulfate was mixed with etc.

Acetic acid as solvent and pharmaceutical raw materials, mainly used for production of penicillin G potassium, penicillin G sodium, penicillin  G procaine, acetanilide, sulfadiazine, and sulfamethoxazole isoxazole, norfloxacin, ciprofloxacin, acetyl salicylic acid, non phenacetin, prednisone, caffeine, etc.

5.Chemical industry:
Vinyl acetate, terephthalic acid, acetic anhydride, diketen, acetate, ethyl cellulose, chloroacetic acid,acetate, polyving akohol and acetate fiber.

6.Photographic chemicals manufacturing

Acetic acid can generate a variety of derivatives, such as methyl acetate, ethyl acetate, propyl acetate, butyl acetate, as coatings and paint industry excellent solvent.

8. Other industry
Acetic acid is also widely used in synthetic fiber, rubber, plastics and other industries.
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