Dyeing Acetic Acid
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1. Instead of glacial acetic acid, it is used in dyeing and finishing processes of acrylic, dacron, nylon and other Chemical fiber,wool, silk and other animal fiber, cotton, linen, yarn and other plant fiber, Wax printing, nd blend fabric.
2. The adjustment of PH value of all kinds of acid pickling, dyeing bath (including color bath), color fixing,resin finishing etc.
3. Producing some kinds of dyestuff,such as Benzidine Yellow G.

Use method
Instead of glacial acetic acid,It is used as a neutralizing agent and the adjustment of PH value of all kinds of acid pickling; weak acid dyes dye wool and silk as auxiliary agent; cationic dye dye acrylic as dissolvant, retarding agents and PH neutralizer; dispersion dyes dye acrylic, dacron and nylon as auxiliary and PH neutralizer, As TMB Substrate and anticoagulant agent of naphthol dyes, its use method and dosage is the same as glacial acetic acid.

The function and effect are better than the other dyeing acid and glacial acetic acid. It has no damage to the fiber, in dyeing bath pH value is stable. It has no acid fold, sediment and effects of hard water, improve dye uptake and level-dyeing property of some dyestuff, and have no effects on coloured light or color fastness of dyed products. In addition,no pungent smell, no frozen in winter, safe and easy to use.
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